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Stopping Pests from Getting into Your Croydon Home

Common PestsIt goes without saying that household pests are usually not very discriminating when it comes to when and there they want to invade. However, there can be a few different areas within your home that can be a hotbed for activity from certain pests. Knowing about these areas will help you to take certain measures so that you can really prepare to successfully keep pests from making their way in.

Prior to taking preventive action, you will have to know what it is that you are trying to prevent. Starting with one of the most common pests that you will find within homes in the London borough of Croydon, you need to be looking for odorous ants. These odorous house ants are going to be attracted to moisture. Whenever the winter dies down and the spring rains will lessen, these ants also known as sugar ants, will start to look for new sources of good moisture. Of course, there are several places around your house that can be a prime location for such moisture seeking ants.

Even if it is just minor in nature, any leaky plumbing can lead to damp pockets of moisture that these ants can sense. Bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms will usually be the first that will become infested because of their use of water. There could be a rusty fitting, loose joint, toilet seals and more that can lead to drips when something goes wrong. You can set paper towels out under your sinks and behind other water using appliances to see if there is any moisture that is developing. If you see moisture, you can tighten the seals or replace some of the components.

Do you happen to have window seals that are defective? If so, they can also be entry points for your home and moisture. Any foliage that ends up touching your homeĀ can create another common entry point for these odorous ants. You need to trim away any bushes and make sure that the seal is good on any windows so that you can keep the entry points to a minimum.

Carpenter ants are another kind of pest that areĀ eager to create real damage in your home. These are fast chewing pests that have been known for causing thousands of dollars in damage each year for the average homeowner. Moisture as well as dead wood are both sources of attraction for carpenter ants.

Some of the zones in your home that are common for finding carpenter ants will be your siding as well as the footings of your crawlspace. Any exterior wall cavities will also be a source of both wood and moisture that is just right for keeping these ants busy and happy.
If you are able to review your home and your yard for any sources of dead wood, it can go a long way to helping prevent the infestation of carpenter ants. Look for downed branches, rotten stumps or any old railroad ties for landscaping purposes that seem to have any sort of ant activity. Inside your home, you will need to look at crawlspaces or any areas in your basement or garage where you may have scraps of wood that are left around. Old sub-flooring and footings can also be common targets for destructive carpenter ants.

carpenter antsRodents happen to be another household pest that can be preventable. They can squeeze into small openings, which means that you need to be diligent about looking for any potential entry points. Walk around your exterior and look for any possible areas that they could be getting in, making sure that you look closely at any protrusions. There will usually be piping, vents, or cable and phone hookups that will pose a problem and allow the rodents to make their way in. You can think about using steel wool, screening or even certain sprays that will keep these pests from making a pilgrimage into your home.

Finally, another preventable pest that you can look for will be fleas. A lot of flea infestations are a result of a pet or more than one pet that is infested. Make sure that you are able to treat both your home as well as your pets at the same time so that you can get rid of the fleas once and for all.

No matter what, knowing where to look and how to take action in and around your home will be the best way to boost your chances of avoiding all different types of infestations.