A Career As A Locksmith in Leicester

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When it comes to choosing a career path, the idea of becoming a locksmith in Leicester often doesn’t even get a look-in. Imagine; making and fixing locks actually has great and satisfying job potential. The locksmith industry is growing rapidly, since each and every lost key or difficult lock requires the services of a locksmith. Despite the constant changes in technology and market, this industry remains a small field. Though it must be noted that this is not within the professional capacity level (as there is not one particular national governing body), a large number of guilds operate with the goal of providing training, and enhancing the locksmith trade. For more information on local locksmiths, visit our website.

The Necessary Requirements

Being a locksmith is not about being able to figure out a few locks, rather it requires a particular skill set. This skill set includes:

– Exceptional hand-eye co-ordination
– The ability to think practically as well as being skilled at hand-work
– Understand the use of tools specific to the profession
– An excellent lock and security device understanding
– Have an interest in the profession
– Ability to work independently and carry out marketing
– Be a capable driver
– Be a people person
РHave  good understanding of the geography in Leicester

A Quick Note On Education

Locksmith training coursesA locksmith role does not require a person to have a formal education. However, to become certified as a locksmith, the person must complete a significant amount of training and apprenticeships. Being a certified locksmith will certainly help you to stand out from the crowd. For one thing it assures potential customers that you are a credible tradesman who will complete work to a high level. Secondly, earnings are higher for a certified locksmith, and lastly developing a career path is easier. What is the process for a locksmith to become certified? Locksmith associations and training bodies often offer the necessary training. To obtain a certification, a specific exam must be passed. Examples of such exams are Certified Professional Safe Tech, Certified Professional Locksmith, Certified Automotive Locksmith and Certified Master Locksmith.

The Career Path

In contrast to other professions, once a locksmith becomes certified, three choices await. (1) Go down the freelance route as a freelance locksmith, (2) start up your own locksmith business in Leicester, and (3) become an employee for an existing locksmith. This compares very well to other professions where immediately starting up freelance work and offering higher rates is not usually attainable. In fact, in most careers the person works as an employee for the majority of their career. The areas of expertise for a locksmith are many and include: mobile locksmith, forensic locksmith and commercial locksmith.

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