Buying a New Garage Door for Your Leicester Property

old garage doorLets face it, its probably time for you to buy a new garage door. You cannot afford to make a mistake and getting some advice from a Leicester garage door professional is really going to help you. Follow the tips here to help you locate the best door for your garage. The general guidelines include the look, design, materials, window or windowless, insulation, hardware, wind resistance, and springs. Of course, quality and durability are also important. We’ll explore that as well, going over how to tell the kind of door that will last the longest from one that may not last a long time. Let’s start at the beginning, with the design and look of your garage door.

The Look
The appearance of garage doors has probably come a long way since you last bought one. No longer do we have to settle for boring white squares. There are many other options and it is a great time to be shopping for a door. Most of the garage door manufacturers out there have a few colours, while others will be able to provide dozens of different hues from the factory. The colour of the door may appeal to you, but a word of caution; always make sure it will complement the colour and design of your home.

The Design And Materials
Garage doors can be manufactured with everything including aluminum, steel, copper, and glass, just as the most popular options. Be sure to check out a showroom to see the designs and all the different features up close. If you are considering steel, be sure to opt for a high-tensile 25-gauge or more steel to protect it from dents. Protect the coat too, and be sure to opt for a finish that is baked on in the factory, not just painted onto the surface of the door.

Window Or Windowless
Windows are a great way to bring in a little bit of natural light into your garage. Not all homeowners want a garage door with windows. Windows are available in many designs. The patterns that are typically available in acrylic and glass.

The Insulation Value
Seize the opportunity to get a door that will improve the insulation of your home. The idea is to keep air from outside coming in. The air from outside will seep through the walls into the interior of your home. Though, many argue this does not make sense because the garage is not insulated generally. Besides, an insulated door is usually quieter than an un-insulated one.

The Hardware
The quality of the hardware is one element that will dictate the difference between lasting five years or 30 years. Go with the hardware that has a coating to prevent rust by finding the G-60 zinc coating.

The Springs
People often forget about the springs on a garage door. Yet, springs make sure the door operates effectively. Skip cheaply made doors that rely on extension springs. In addition, ensure that your door comes with internal safety containment cables. This will protect you if there is a break in a spring, which can happen. Always maintain your doors by having professional garage door service come and inspect your springs and door annually.

Garage door springsSprings are, after all, one of the first aspects of a garage that require maintenance, whether full replacement or a little tender loving care. The garage door manufacturers will generally be able to tell you how long your springs are likely to last by indicating the number of cycles the springs operate — from 5,000 to 10,000. Springs typically last up three to four years, depending on use, quality, and exposure to the elements in the garage. A new spring runs anywhere from £100 to £175 in general. Always find manufacturers whose spring warranties are longer than one year.

Go ahead and visit a showroom like Midlands Garage Doors. This will allow you to see the many different styles of doors that are available on the market. It will let you see the differences in high-quality from shoddy quality up close. You may be surprised at just how quickly the manufacturers are able to add customised features to your door. Now you have the knowledge to hit the ground running like a pro to buy your garage door.

Go with the best quality materials for a long-lasting door that works reliably every time. While garage doors require maintenance and care, they are often made to stand up to harsh weather, many cycles of use, and even some rough housing. Be sure to buy high-quality components for your doors to enjoy a good lifetime of use.

Riverside Festival Leicester June 2015

Ahhh it seems such a long time away, the spring/summer, sunshine and warm waether doesn’t it? This was such a fab day down by the canal for the Riverside Festival.

Western Boulevard hosated the event, also known as mile straight. Every year the festival grows with more and more people attending this fabulous family day out.

There is always plenty to do with a wide range if cuisine from around the world.

This shortfilm shows some of the highlights on the Sunday.